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Blissful Radiance

2009-09-17 18:30:36 by nightmar149

New track! Soft and sweet ambiance.

Nothin much happenin'.

2009-09-08 20:46:22 by nightmar149

I've been kind of avoiding audio creation for awhile- maybe it's writers block kicking in already? Anyway, I just released a track I've been working on mastering for a week. It still needs some fine tuning, but it's a good enough track to release. It's basically a compilation of ideas from different people.

Vivacity Released!

2009-07-14 19:41:07 by nightmar149

First attempt at a trance song....
The result was fucking epic... /255420

Well I finally got myself to make a full length song! I tried to make a softcore dnb song, however it turned out more ambient, with sweet peaceful sound. I'm happy of the result, as well as the reviews I've gotten so far, which were all positive. All the feedback increases my inspiration, which of course is wonderful!